Electrical Awareness


Electrical work is not a hobby or a handyman’s job. Hire a Licensed Electrical Contractor.

Did you know?

The leading cause of electrical fires is due to faulty wiring. Furthermore, twenty percent of Canada’s house fires are related to electrical issues. The law in Ontario states that anyone performing electrical work outside his own home or establishment must be a licensed electrical contractor. Work permits must be obtained through the Electrical Safety Authority for almost any electrical work to be done.

Who is a licensed electrical contractor?

A licensed electrical contractor must have at least one designated master electrician on staff. This master electrician is a licensed electrician who has worked in the electrical trade for a minimum of approximately eight years, (five of which would be an apprenticeship plus a minimum of three years working as a licensed electrician) and has passed the master’s examination.

Also, a licensed electrical contractor is registered with the Electrical Contractor Registration Agency and The Electrical Safety Authority (ECRA/ESA), and is fully insured to perform electrical work in your home or establishment.

Why Ionic Electrical Contracting Inc.?

Ionic Electrical Contracting Inc. is an owner/operator business who puts care in every aspect of the task at hand. You can rest assured the job will be done properly, safely and efficiently at a reasonable price.

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